Our Core Values & Technology

Here at Dr. Robinson’s office, what makes us smile is our patients’ trust. Having seen generations of families come through our door, we are proud of our community’s confidence in our practice. For adults, children, grandchildren, military families and veterans, what sets us apart in our community is being trusted advisers- providing all possible treatment options, explaining the pros and cons of each, and enabling you to make confident decisions about your dental goals.

We believe all dental goals are best reached with a foundation of preventive care and conservative therapy. We drill only when necessary, work with a fantastic team of interdisciplinary specialists when needed, and maintain results through best practices on our end and yours.

We have been proud to serve our community for over 40 years and invite your family to come join ours today!

Latest Techniques

SureSmile® Aligners

Getting started Is easy! 

  1. Ask your doctor to get you started with an initial consultation.
  2. Your doctor will take a digital impression, and begin to develop your custom treatment plan.
  3. Collect your customized SureSmile Aligners and start smiling.

Latest Techniques

Microbelink DX®

Links oral microbes to systemic heal.

Our simple 11-microbes ™ test detects the 11 known pathogenic bacteria that not only cause gum infections but are also directly connected to systemic health. Many of these bacteria are linked to diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and preterm birth.

Innovative Technology

CEREC Primescan®

Single-visit dentistry & excellent quality care.

The all-new CEREC sets new standards so dentists can offer patients an unmatched combination of single-visit dentistry and excellent quality.

Our Team

From our friendly client care team to our understanding, professional hygienists and dental assistants and our experienced, dedicated dentist- when you become a patient at Robinson Family Dental, you’ll realize it’s a family affair with a team who shares commitment to putting ourselves in your position to ensure you receive the best possible experience.

Meet Dr. Lacey L Robinson

Dr. Robinson is a native of the area and a second-generation dentist at Robinson Family Dental.  She is proudly carrying on the legacy of her father’s dental clinic in her hometown and has recently updated the clinic with a modern woman’s touch and a modern professional’s innovation.  She is very excited to offer world-class dentistry in cutting-edge facilities to the patients her family has been serving for decades. Read More

Meet Korey Bosley

As the managing director, he plans and manages the practice’s business operations to ensure excellent patient care and services. He oversees daily office activities, provides direction and guidance to the team within the practice. Before becoming the managing director, Korey graduated from Frostburg State University in 2015 earning a bachelor’s degree in business management. Upon graduation, Korey joined the United State Marine Corps, where he served two tours of duty overseas, including the most recent one to Helmand Province, Afghanistan during his 4 years of service.
Read More

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