Gifts, cards, and letters can communicate acknowledgment, respect, appreciation, connectedness, love, humor, mourning, intimacy, support…what else?

After a confusing, painful relationship, a woman unexpectedly receives flowers sent to her office. They look good. They smell good. Her co-workers compliment her on the beautiful flowers. The note is simple and poignant: 1 Corinthians 13, the verse that had meant a lot to them. Even the co-workers received gifts of cakes and sweets. How lavish and wonderful the sender must be! 
She had not told her co-workers about what she had gone through. 
And she had told him not to contact her.

Are these gifts delightful? Are they intended to be? Does she experience delight in them? What are other ways the sender could communicate with the woman?

Did you know that unwanted gifts can also be a form of stalking? In fact, 26% of stalking victims receive unwanted gifts, cards, and letters. Please see the link below for more details if you are concerned about this form of stalking.


Dr. Lacey L Robinson

Dr. Lacey L Robinson

Dr. Lacey L Robinson, is a graduate of Wake Forest University and UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. As a lifelong learner, she continues to enjoy studying for both personal and professional development. As a dentist, her passion is on how best to restore full-mouth smiles with predictable, harmonious, and esthetic results. She acts as Vice President for her local ADA Dental Society and is a graduate of the Dawson Academy, a leading international organization for post-graduate dental education.

In addition, Dr. Robinson is passionate about clinical mental health counseling and is enrolled in Wake Forest University’s Master’s in Mental Health Counseling online program. She currently volunteers in our community with individuals and families experiencing trauma, and she is enthusiastic about helping others define their purpose and live out their best selves.

Dr. Robinson also advocates for our community through her service as Chairwoman of the City of Havelock Cultural Arts Advisory Committee, as ex-offico Chairwoman of the Havelock Chamber of Commerce, and through her service on the Board of Directors for Coastal Women’s Shelter.